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Working Environment

Factory Area & Working Environment

​Qiyi Metal invests millions to cooperate with well-known domestic architectures and top consulting companies to create a first-class modern working environment.


The factory was completed in the year of 2018 and covers an area of more than 87,000 square meters, with a bright and simple design, taking into account the efficiency and safety of the production line.


The working environment makes full use of the interactive design of green plants and humanized spaces, to ensure that employees having a balanced and pleasant work experience and exert their creativity in an interactive environment.

Employee Activities & Trainings

Valuing talents is the uncompromising commitment of Qiyi.


Qiyi leads the industry in working with external talent consulting companies to design complete career development training for different departments and position, provides systematic and professional courses and talents communications so as to better help employees to improve their comprehensive capabilities and achieve a win-win situation.

Every year, Qiyi would organize employee tours and various sports competitions to motive employees taking initiative in a relaxed environment.  

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