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Mission & Vision


Quality Supreme, Integrity First

Implement performance, teamwork and humanized management. The ultimate goal of the company is to create value for customers, fight for shareholders’ benefits, provide services to community and realize dreams of employees. From an international perspective, emphasize “Supreme Quality, Integrity First”. Focus on management and operation of its own industry, dedicated to providing high quality materials and services.

管理 Management

◆ Supreme Quality, Integrity First
◆ Implement performance, teamwork and humanized management.

目标 Purpose

◆ Creating value for customers, fighting for shareholders’ benefits
◆ Providing services to community and realizing dreams of employees

愿景 Future

◆ Emphasizing “Supreme Quality, Integrity First”
◆ High quality materials and services


President Yan Te-Ho

Ever since its founding, adhering to the principle of operation of quality supreme, innovating with technology and satisfying customer, with support of government leaders and friends in the industry, Qiyi Metal grows constantly. The products received fervent responses and positive acceptance from a broad market, and in addition to supplying domestic demand, also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. We are looking forward to working with friends from different communities to create a better tomorrow.

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